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Kistler Training Event - Novi, Michigan
March 6th from 9 am - 5 pm

Introducing Kistler Training: maXYmos & NC Joining Systems


Join us for a full-day training session that covers all the information you need to maintain your Kistler systems! These sessions will be hosted by our Field Service experts, Mark Funni and Michael Teran. They’ll help guide you through the process of operating your maXYmos NC Joining Systems, so you can be well-equipped to troubleshoot Kistler tools in-house.

Here at Kistler, our goal is to enhance every step of the value chain: from measurement all the way to analysis. Now, we’re bringing that a step further with these new service trainings so that Kistler can be your full-service solution.

Please note that these sessions have a $500 fee to attend. A representative will reach out to you in 2-5 business days to process payment. If you have any questions, please contact Samar Shaba:

Past Events:
Kistler & Ideal Plastics Lunch + Learn Event
January 11, 2024

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In partnership with UMASS Lowell’s Plastics Engineering Department, Kistler hosted a Lunch-and-Learn event to discuss: 

In-Process Monitoring and Control for Injection Molding Production 

 “Molded plastic parts cannot be controlled unless the molding process is measured in a consistent, repeatable and real-time manner,” says Mike Prisby, Sr. Plastics Specialist and workshop presenter.

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